Ala Stacey Personal Chef Service

Eat well to live well.

Meet the Chef

Photo of Chef Stacey Chef Stacey DiVerde found herself drawn to the kitchen at an early age watching and helping her mom and grandmother make the family's meals. As a teenager when most of her friends were out, she was home cooking up a storm making multi-course dinner parties for her boyfriend and friends. She would buy special tableware just for the evening and always had a printed menu with each dish named Ala Stacey after it - hence how she came up with her business name!

Stacey spent five years working at a country club that taught her the fundamentals of the culinary world. Still she decided to enter the corporate world and spent 10 years there before deciding to stay-at-home with her first child. Her family and friends on more than one occasion told her to do something with her cooking as she always loved to entertain. It never dawned on her to pursue a path in the personal chef industry.

It wasn't until she saw an article in the newspaper about a personal chef that a light bulb went off. She wished that was her - or rather that should be her! After much research, she came across the Personal Chefs Network (PCN) website. Stacey spent many months absorbing all the information she could from PCN. In January 2002 on her 35th birthday, she officially opened Ala Stacey Personal Chef Service. More than any culinary course she has taken over the last few years, Stacey believes her talents as a chef, flair for entertaining, and her PCN membership are the keys to her success as a personal chef.

Chef Stacey is a proud member of the Personal Chefs Network and continues to keep abreast of culinary trends across the nation. She is licensed, insured and also a certified Food Safety Manager through the Suffolk County Health Department on Long Island. Nonetheless, you'll have to see for yourself what Ala Stacey Personal Chef Service presents on your table for a real look into her credentials. Stacey states there is nothing more satisfying than having my client's appreciate my food and service.